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On-Going Projects and Activities & Initiative Detail Actions Status

No. Initiative Detail Actions Status
1. Begin offering courses on UL-ONLINE Subscribe for a 500-user package and include instructors who participated in the Blended Learning Training. Targeting June 2020
2. Connect UL to LRREN Equipment for LRREN has been purchased and will be installed at the UL’s data center on Capitol Hill. Awaiting LRREN to go live.
3. Complete institutional email process and develop a mechanism for students’ email. We intend to do complete the assignment of institutional emails through workshops and through department heads.  Completed
4. Improve Wi-fi coverage to the student through the Campus Network The vendor contracted by USAID-DLEG has installed access points around campus for wireless connectivity. Completed
5. Complete Standard Operating Procedures The penultimate version of the SOP has been completed. The final version will be submitted in March 2020. WIP
6. Improve IT Security (Update antivirus software, internet firewall, etc) Antivirus software will need updating. This will be done the first week of school Completed
7. Training Policy development The training policy has been drafted and will be completed by March 2020. Completed
8. Active Directory Implementation Develop a detailed plan of action (design, implementation plan, standards, etc) Plan done, Pilot Completed, Roll-out in progress Completed
9. Microsoft Office and Online Email Work with Medical College and South African Partners to regularize license Completed
10. Address IT Skills Shortage in UL Identify interns, volunteers, etc. Recommend the hiring of at least four more staff, especially for web development Completed
11. Securing UL Network and Data There are numerous threats caused by the absence of authentication and the use of external devices – particularly USB drives. Those threats arise from both the potential for these devices to be vectors for viruses and similar malware but also their potential to cause loss of data. Immediate action needs to be taken to secure the network and data. Completed
12. IT Standards All standards to include a clear purpose statement which should indicate the granularity required of the standard, i.e whether the standard is general or needs to be brand-specific Completed
13. Information Security Policy A comprehensive Information Security Policy is a necessity. Completed
14. Implement UL’s Information Systems Implement a computerized Information System to replace the manual system to take advantage of efficiencies associated with electronic information management and reporting  


15. NOC Upgrade To improve environmental monitoring and the Data Center’s hazard fighting readiness. WIP
16. ITS System Upgrade Required to take advantage of new features and improve the navigation and security of the system. This is for all nodes on the network, desktops, laptops, printers, etc. WIP


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