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OIT Projects – Catalog

Technology is an integral part of UL Community. Many of the services and resources provided here at the University  of Liberia rely heavily on the infrastructure built and maintained by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

These services are cataloged into projects. Kindly review the status of the various projects we have undertaken.

Need Help with IT Projects?

In case you need help, the OIT Project Management Team is available at all time to discuss your technology needs and guide you through the project initiation process.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Provides answers many common questions related to how OIT manages projects.
  • Contact the OIT Help Desk – Call  +231775 764 388 or send email to oit@ul.edu.lr and ask to speak to a member of the OIT Project Management Team

Digital Learning

Subscribe for a 500-user package and include instructors who participated in the Blended Learning Training.

Targeting June 2020

Connect UL to LRREN

Equipment for LRREN has been purchased and will be installed at the UL’s data center on Capitol Hill.

Awaiting LRREN to go live.

Complete institutional email process and develop a mechanism for students’ email.

We intend to do complete the assignment of institutional emails through workshops and through department heads. 


Improve Wi-fi coverage to the student through the Campus Network

The vendor contracted by USAID-DLEG has installed access points around campus for wireless connectivity.


Complete Standard Operating Procedures

The penultimate version of the SOP has been completed. The final version will be submitted in March 2020.


Improve IT Security (Update antivirus software, internet firewall, etc)

Antivirus software will need updating. This will be done the first week of school


Training Policy development

The training policy has been drafted and will be completed by March 2020.


Active Directory Implementation

Develop a detailed plan of action (design, implementation plan, standards, etc) Plan done, Pilot Completed, Roll-out in progress


Microsoft Office and Online Email

Work with Medical College and South African Partners to regularize license


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