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What Services Do We Offer
We provide the IT services that the University requires to fulfill its mission to be a world-class center for teaching, learning, and research. The OIT provides services that keep the core IT systems and operations of the University running on a day-to-day basis. OIT also provides innovative services and projects to support learning, teaching, and research. OIT’s work is wide-ranging and diverse. Some of the critical services that the OIT provides include but are not limited to:
• Data center operations
• Institutional email management
• Network Access (Wifi and Ethernet)
• Business productivity suite (Office 365 and Libre Office)
• Online Learning System (MOODLE)
• Classroom Technology and Support
• Information Security Resources
• Personal Hardware and Software Repair
• Audio-Visual Maintenance
• Desktop Support
• CCTV Implementation and Support
• School Management System- SchoolLink (Partial Support in collaboration with MWETANA-the vendor).
• E-Learning Platform (MOODLE)
• E-Library
• UL Mobile Application
• Other
Institutional emails allow faculty and staff of the University to communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders of the University of Liberia. It also ensures that data communicated via email is safely stored and that the sender is a legitimate employee of the University of Liberia. The OIT intends to create emails for the students on a “Phase Out” basis which means the process will start with freshman students so that they will have their same email accounts until they graduate. Emails for the alumni association is also a task that the OIT will begin in the near future.

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